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LTE: Translate into English

LTE: Translate into English

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We will translate your Microsoft Word book from 1 of our 30 supported languages into English.

We produce Microsoft Word as the single output format for your translated book.

We use OpenAI GPT-4 and our custom translation prompt engineering to do the translation. Every translation uses multiple GPT-4 translation passes, and uses AI for translation validation.

Note that the Microsoft Word format of the translation will not exactly match that of your Microsoft Word book. However, you're not paying us for Microsoft Word formatting; you're paying us for our automated translation skills!

After purchasing this product, you will provide your Word document and your receipt to us in one of two ways:

  1. By this Google form:
  2. By email to

(LeanTranslate is a product of Ruboss, the company behind Leanpub. And we use the Leanpub TranslateAI service to do part of the LeanTranslate process, along with some custom code to read and write Microsoft Word documents.)

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